• Large coccyx cutout comforts the tailbone and relieves pressure.
  • Corner stability lobes on all four corners improve seating balance.
  • Generous center oval cutout provides relief for sensitive areas.
  • Tapered, wedge design encourages proper sitting posture. 
  • Stability bridge helps maintain the shape of the cushion and prevents ends from spreading apart.
  • Ergonomically sculpted surface encourages airflow and form fits to the buttocks and under thigh area.
  • Built-in carry handle for portability perfect for auto and office. 
  • Lower in the front to allow legs to fit beneath desks, tables and car steering wheels
  • The Kabooti® Cushion is available in 2 sizes, original and large 
  • Our Kabooti® Ice Cushion includes all the benefits of the Kabooti®, with the added bonus of cooling relief (standard size only)
  • Comes with a discreet, stretch knit cover, waterproof covers can be purchased separately (Water-resistant cover available for Kabooti® (original) and Kabooti® Ice; not available for Kabooti® Large)


SKU: 30-751RB